The Spot: The Witch’s Wall

Gabrielle Villanueva, Staff Writer

A hidden road that rose in popularity. People now call it the Palm Beach Coral Cut. Different stories from different centuries still being shared today. The wall seemed inviting for people to take pictures and share memories together. Little did they know that it was haunted.

Is the road actually haunted? Are trapped souls, dungeons and evil spirits present?

People passed along different stories about the wall but one story was popular amongst everyone. People stated, “There was a lady living up there with her only son, and she lost her husband. She kept the son a little too close and he felt he had to move away.” They also said, that the husband died when he crashed at night driving at the curve of the cut before Thanksgiving. However, that does not justify that place is haunted.

Another story that explains why The Wall is haunted includes a witch that controls the whole road and wall, kidnapping children on the island and trapping them in a cage. The souls of the children are trapped in the rocks forever unless someone touched the bars to release a soul. These stories had been released by Palm Beach Daily News.


Moving on, the road is very dangerous because it is narrow with cars speeding by. It is risky but many teenagers are willing to stay on the road for the perfect picture.

Besides all the allegations about it being haunted, this place is magical.

This wall is hidden behind the Palm Beach Country club. People can visit this place during the day time and night time.

The real address is 300-326 Country Club Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480



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