Spring Spirit Week 2020


Ryan Jayne

The Tribe starts off Spring Spirit Week by dressing up as mathletes and athletes.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

Spirit week is a highly cherished and anticipated time of the year for students. It’s a time where the school comes together to participate in various dress-up days and events. Starting off the last spirit week of the school year, SGA created a rivalry themed week where students had the opportunity to pick between two different rivals each day to dress-up as.

On Monday, Chiefs filled the campus with either their favorite sports jersey and baseball caps or suspenders and ties to represent Mathletes vs. Athletes.

Tuesday was Disney vs. Nickelodeon day which tore many students apart when choosing which network to represent. Growing up, many students spent most of their time watching Disney movies such as Monsters Inc. or shows such as The Fairly OddParents on Nickelodeon. It was a throwback day everyone anticipated to show off their outfits. Dressing up as Timmy Turner, senior Eric Karosas explained, “I chose to dress up as Timmy Turner because I had a couple of friends who were dressing up as Cosmo and Wanda. Overall, I was really excited about this spirit week because I believed that if I dressed up for every day and put effort into my outfits, then it would show other students that it’s fun and pretty cool to support our school.”

Whites vs. Brights Wednesday had the campus lighted with students either wearing bright neon colors or wearing white from head to toe. On this day, students were able to show off their tie-dye shirts and shoes or white shirts and jeans. Showing off her tie-dye crocs, senior Angelica Torres enjoyed dressing up for this day the most. “I was excited for this year’s spirit week because I am a senior and this will be one of the last ones that I can truly participate in. After graduation, I know I will miss doing all of these fun activities in high school,” stated Torres.

On Thursday, students had to pick between being a rocker or rapper for the day. On this day, band tees, face tattoos, and jean jackets flooded the halls as students dressed up as some of their favorite bands and artists.

To end the long-awaited week, Friday was Drip or Drown day. Chiefs choose to either dress up in their most blinged-out outfits or their comfy and effortless loungewear. Additionally, The Kobe Bryant Memorial Basketball game that was scheduled for Friday has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19. The game will feature players from both the boys and girls basketball teams. All proceeds will go to the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation which works to motivate troubled youth through sports.


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