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COVID-19 Dashboard

Myesha Rahman, Staff Writer

 The school district has started a COVID-19 dashboard to keep track of cases across the county. Reported cases from employees and students are being logged according to school or public facility.

 Data from students is obtained from the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County and data from teachers is obtained from the Department of Risk & Benefits Management. 

 If a student or teacher tests positive they are mandated to stay at home and the people around them are notified.

 According to the Palm Beach Schools District, “The goal of the dashboard is to keep parents and staff informed about the confirmed COVID-19 cases in schools.” 

 Parents can stay updated on the latest cases in their child’s school.

 “It’s pretty concerning that the cases for teenagers is so high, but I trust my kid to follow the social distance rules and stay safe.”, said Madeleine Charleston, mother of Senior Chwoeger Charleston. 

 This feature can be especially helpful for students that have chosen to return to in-person learning.

  “I think that school is going pretty well, it’s a little weird but knowing that I can check the COVID-19 dashboard makes me feel safer with being back on campus,” said Junior Hailey Ford. 

 Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing!

 To visit the dashboard, please click here