Starting November 19, Visitors No Longer Have To Wear Masks When Visiting School Campuses

Signs that you may see on business doors


Signs that you may see on business doors

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

On November 3, superintendent Mike Burke revealed that students and staff have the option of whether or not they would like to wear masks. As a result, many students and staff members at various Palm Beach County schools have gone to campus without masks, taking advantage of this new update. Many individuals, though, were still dubious on whether this would be the best decision.

When questioned how they felt about the new mask mandate, many people said they didn’t think it was the smartest decision. “This new mask mandate that the superintendent put into effect is not going to work. The cases are going to rise as the days go on” said Chris, a student at Santaluces Community High.  

Now that COVID-19 cases have proven to be decreasing over time in Palm Beach County due to it being in the high transmission zone to now a moderate range, the superintendent has just recently allowed visitors to no longer have to wear a mask when visiting schools, making it optional.

Visitors will, however, be expected to conform to social distancing regulations, remaining at a distance of 6 feet when possible. This will go into effect on November 19, 2021. “Letting students and staff go to school without a mask is worse enough,” one parent says “Now letting visitors not wear a mask? It just makes no sense.”

“The cases are going to rise like crazy.”