Detective Comics #1034

Detective Comics #1034 has Bruce Wayne making friends with his neighbors, all while fighting crime as Batman from a small apartment.

This issue also features a short story with Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne as Robin.

Damian Wayne as Robin jumping out of a helicopter with Talia Al Ghul (bottom left) watching, drawn by Dan Mora. (DC Comics)

It is the second part of the short story, “Demon or Detective?” the first being in Batman #106.

After leaving his father’s side, Damian struggles with loyalty between his two families: the Waynes and the Al Ghuls.

Damian meets his mother, Talia Al Ghul in order to discuss his future with the family. He finds out about another faction of his grandfather’s empire: the League of Lazarus.

Talia tells him that the League of Lazarus will be holding a tournament on a remote island in order to find the world’s greatest fighter.

Damian plans on finding the island and winning the tournament.

However, it seems a new fighter has also made the spotlight: Connor Hawke, who was presumed to be dead.

Connor Hawke being trained by the League of Lazarus, drawn by Dan Mora. (DC Comics)

Hawke is Green Arrow’s son; it seems to be an epic fight between the sons of the world’s greatest heroes.

Damian’s story will continue in Robin #1, releasing