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Recommendations and information you may have never known about graphic novels known as Manga.

Marisha Civil, Club Member

Mangas are graphic novels that originate from Asia, specifically in Japan.

There are many different kinds of Mangas. Many Manga is from anime shows or books. However, even more, are the inspirations for many animes that many people like. Manga has lots of history behind them. Mangas originate from scrolls dating back to the 12th and 13th century during the Edo Period states in “History of Manga – Wikipedia.”

According to, “Manga is said to have been born in 1814. Back then, Hokusai Katsushika sketched a series of scenes from daily life…”

Whimsical stories, Manga, in Japanese.

In 1902, Kitazawa Rakuten published the first modern Manga.” This shows that Manga was born around the year 1814 and the 1st modern-day Manga that people read a lot now was published in 1902.

The word Manga means both cartoons and comics. There are many types of Mangas and different genres, from romance known as shojo, to shonene, which features Ots of Adion and comedy. There are more such as Josei, which is a greater dept of shojo, Mecha which is most known as science fiction subgeneric in the manga, and more.

Manga has come a long way. Many people of all ages enjoy Manga. From people who just love to read them to people who love to collect them. For example, people like me can find these graphic novels at your local library, you can read them online, or you can even buy hardcover Manga.

Here are some personal recommendations from different genres, in English translations. There are raw versions in which are mangas written in their original languages before being translated to English.

“My Hero Academia”

“Attack on Titans”

“Blue Spring Ride”

“Fruit Basket 2019”

“Yamaguchi-kun is Not Bad”

There are anime shows to the 1st four that are listed.