Was Eren Right For What He Did?


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Photo credit: Attack on Titan Wiki Fandom.

Aniah Michelle Farrar, Club Member

Eren Jaeger, an Eldian and former member of the scout regiment, has attacked innocent people in Marley in the newest season of Attack on Titan. Many fans may believe that Eren’s actions were unnecessary, but many others disagree.

Eldians, peacefully living on Paradis Island, was attacked by Marlyan, despite the lack of knowledge of the outside world. Marley had no reason to attempt to eliminate the inhabitants of Paradis, other than pure hatred for their ancestors.

Eren’s actions may have been wrong for many aspects. Children, citizens, visitors, etc. have perished at the hands Eren; however, he’s only defending his fellow Eldians on Paradis and giving the Marleyan’s a taste of their own medicine.