Engineering Club Masters Physics


Mrs. Rubow

Devon Weber, Chait Singh, Bianca Berrios, David Oliveria, currently 11th graders, in Mrs. Rubow’s Engineering club during the 2013-2014 school year.

Abbey Brannock, Managing Editor

The job of a scientist includes ideas, and when they don’t work, it involves finding what’s wrong and reconstructing them until they do. For students who want to spark their inner scientist, there’s Engineering club which combines the laws of physics and miniature projects.

Run by Physics teacher Mrs. Rubow, Engineering club meets every Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m. in room 8126, starting the middle of September. Members design projects, build them, and test them. In past years the club has built decks out of foam and glue, houses made out of straws and paper clips, toothpick bridges and miniature stadium domes out of straw.

“One person’s dome held almost four kilograms,” said Rubow. “Which is huge, that’s almost ten pounds.”

All students are welcome to join and do not have to take a physics class beforehand. Competitions are also an option for those who are interested in going further with their projects, but are not required to be a part of the club.

“It’s very hands-on,” said Ashley Ramnauth, a senior. “You get to build a lot of things.”

The club is also looking for a president, treasurer and secretary, which will be elected during the first meeting.

“It’s an experience for the kids to build something,” said Rubow.”I think the kids have fun doing it.”