Vis Tech Brings Digital Art To Life


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

While Art club is for more traditional art, Vis Tech club takes a more digital approach. Sponsored by Mr. Badome, Vis Tech is a club where students focus on art foundation, animation, digital art, and motion pictures.

Students who join the club get to experience working on various projects that test the limits of their creativity throughout the year. It also prepares students if they wish to find a career in the entertainment business or in visual effects.

“I just love it, sometimes kids just need something to express themselves that may not be able to do with a paintbrush,” said Gio Guarin, a senior and Vice President of the club.

Vis Tech has twenty five members right now and hopes to have more. Their doors are open to anybody who wishes to let their imagination flow onto a digital canvas.

“Anybody can join,” said Mr. Badome. “It’s a home for nerds, fanboys, and art junkies who want to let it all out.”

Mr. Badome also has the help of Nick Perera (President), Gio Guarin (Vice President), Austin Banzhat (Secretary), Emily Sleezer (Historian), and Jesse Cardenas (Sentinel) to keep the club running. Vis Tech club meets every day after school in room 4-111.