Sign Language Club Signs Back on Campus


Junior Alexis Treviño uses the sign for “sign language.”

Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, about 70 million people who are deaf use sign language as their first language.

With sign language being a great skill to have, students Alexis Treviño and Nicole Kalpin brought back Sign Language Club, as there wasn’t one last year.

“I love working with the deaf and I think it’s important that more people are able to communicate with them,” said Treviño, junior.

The club’s mission is to educate others on topics such as deaf etiquette as well as sign language itself. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of sign language, as well as increase their knowledge of different signs with each meeting.

The first meeting consisted of learning the alphabet and numbers until 20, as well as greetings and how to tell others how you’re feeling.

“I learned a lot,” said Mumtahinah Rashid, junior. “It’s a language that could come in handy. Not many people have the ability to communicate with deaf people.”

Sign Language Club meets on Mondays after school until 4 P.M. in room 8105, Ms. Netherland’s room. If you’re interested in joining, you can text @aslch to the number (561) 283-0512 for their Remind101.