Campsite Chaos Coming Soon


Angelica Dameus, Staff Writer

This Saturday, come join fellow Chiefs as they go camping in “Campsite Chaos,” a one-act play full of love and laughter. Kendall Moe as Zoe and Sergio Lopez as Perry are the leads in this entertaining comedy. Ms. Ferren, theater teacher and the director of Campsite Chaos has details on the show’s storyline.

“It’s about a couple, Zoe and Perry, who goes camping and she [Zoe] is hoping that her boyfriend will propose to her. And it just has funny character after funny character interrupting them,” said Ms. Ferren. “It makes it funny, the contrast, because everyone’s got this crazy character and she’s just trying to have a normal weekend.”

Campsite Chaos is a play chosen for One Acts, a competition among different schools where students perform a one act play and perform. After Campsite Chaos is Spotlight, a show where various theater and musical theater students perform random songs and scenes.

The play is Saturday, October 25th, at 7:30pm. Student tickets are only $5, and adults are $10.