Preparing For Picture Day


Marie Bobb

Every year the gym is taken over by photographers snapping photos for the yearbook.

Marie Bobb

The picture you take on picture day can either make or break you. It’s a remembrance of your high school days so of course you’re going to want to look great. Everyone has different ways of preparing for this day, some go all out while others keep it casual and simple. “I like to wear minimal make up and I keep my hair up, to be safe.” says Angelica Dameus, 11th grade. Theres an endless way of getting ready for picture day but here are a few tips to never forget.

Prepare the night before: This is one of the most important tips to remember. If you plan on going all out with your hair, makeup, and clothes you have to keep in mind that this takes time. Setting everything out will make things go smoother and faster.

Hair: For the boys, make sure you carry a comb around just in case your hair seems to be getting out of hand. For the girls, if you know you want your hair curled then you should curl it the morning of so that the curls don’t fall the night before. If you have naturally curly hair and you decide to straighten it be sure to carry around a scrunchy just in case humidity gets to it.

Makeup: Be simple! If you are the type to wear pounds of make up everyday, picture day is definitely not the day. These pictures usually come out extremely clear and you wouldn’t want everyone thinking you wore that much make up for a simple picture day. Go with basic lipstick, mascara, and a little foundation if you want.

Clothing: Many people seem to forget that the pictures taken only get your top half meaning you dont really have to do too much. Of course you can wear a cute top or a fancy button down but even a simple solid colored shirt will do as long as you yourself look good.

SMILE: This will definitely make or break your picture. A smile is so important because no one ever wants to look dead serious in there picture. Even if you have to practice in the mirror you should just try and look as happy as can be.