Planning Outfits for the Holidays



Elysewalker brand shoes rest on display at Elyse Walker boutique, June 23, 2014 in Pacific Palisades, Calif. The owner, Elyse Walker, has leveraged her Pacific Palisades boutique into a thriving web business. (Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that the end of the year is the most festive time with holidays after holidays, which also means plenty of outfits. No one wants to be seen in the same outfit they wore to Thanksgiving on Christmas day, so planning your outfits early will definitely solve that problem. Here are a couple tips to finding the best holiday outfits.

Try Something New: If you know almost every year you wear a dress, this year try a skirt with a cute blouse. For the boys, if you usually wear a nice dress top and jeans, try going above and wear a tux.

Color Coordinate: This might sound corny to some, but different colors symbolize different holidays and I believe adding those colors to your outfit will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. You wouldn’t want to walk into a Christmas party in all black, so next time you go shopping try and keep an eye out for those holiday colors.

Layering: This time of the year isn’t just the most festive but its the coldest. The image of a perfect outfit usually doesn’t consist of a big, fluffy jacket so its important you know how to stay warm while maintaining that great look. While shopping, you should look for a jacket that’ll keep you warm and definitely look amazing with your outfit.

Shoes: The most important tip to know before you buy shoes is that they’re comfortable and affordable. Holiday parties aren’t the type of parties where you just sit; they’re the type where you’re constantly standing and greeting people so having tight uncomfortable shoes wouldn’t be the best idea. Find your perfect fit and keep in mind that you don’t always have to wear heels or dress shoes. As long as the shoes look good with the outfit and the shoes fit you got yourself the perfect outfit.

These are just a few tips on how to rock this holiday season. This is such an important time of the year so it’s a must to look amazing. Pictures will be taken, and who wants to look drab in those photos? Following these tips will definitely make you look fabulous in any room you enter on any of the upcoming holidays.