Off the Beaten Path: High School Exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art


Adie Gonzalez

Santaluces High School display.

Grace Almanza, Staff Writer

On Thursday night the Norton Museum of Art premiered their annual high school exhibition. This year’s theme revolved around nature, titled “Off the Beaten Path,” and nature photography. The exhibit featured photographs from students from John I. Lenard, Palm Beach Central, Royal Palm, Atlantic, Dreyfoos, and your very own Santaluces. The photographs ranged from landscape shots to high definition detailed macro ones and even a few of exotic animals not always seen in the wild.

The gallery was packed full of people from the beginning until the end of the night. Many leaned close to photographs in able to examine them, enraptured by the details and scenery included in the shots. Others leaned back and talked to other patrons, taking photographs of the gallery and even recording a few videos.

The ambiance was relaxing and happy. Many adults were impressed with the talent that the high school students displayed, and kept going back to pictures they had seen before to dissect them more.

High schoolers across the county were given a chance to display their best photographs regarding nature for this exhibit, and they impressed everyone around by delivering impacting pictures that would stay with viewers for the rest of their lives.