The True Meaning of Movember


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

With the month of November already here many guys have taken up the tradition known as “Movember,” or “No Shave November.” Many see “Movember” as a month of proving masculinity and showing of all the facial hair one can grow in a month, but the true meaning is completely different.

The yearly tradition was created to raise men’s health awareness about issues such as prostate cancer and depression. It was created to have men not feel as if they lost everything they are by showing that they have the ability to still grow, like facial hair. Ever since then, the month of November became the month of growing out that beard that you’ve always wanted for a good cause.

“To me Movember or No Shave November is like a breast cancer awareness month for guys since prostate cancer is a case just as serious,” said Coach Smith. “Even though I got to grow out my beard, I wish I didn’t shave my mustache portion.”

Many people didn’t  know what Movember was truly about and felt as if they discovered something new.

“It makes sense, it’s great to raise awareness to feel like a man,” said Coach Thomas the JV Football coach. “Even though I may not have the whole beard grown out due to the amount of care you have to give it, I believe its always good to hold some facial hair to show you care about the cause.”

Many others contribute to Movember, but instead as an excuse to not shave for a whole straight month.

“I remember in college a whole bunch of guys would just use ‘Movember’ or ‘No Shave November’ as an excuse just for the girls to allow them to stroke their beard by the end of the month,” said Mr. Witt. “It’s good to not forget the reason why and how this tradition actually started.”

So remember that the true reason your growing out that beard is for a cause that was forgotten long ago, but should be remembered again.