‘Tis the Season to be Stressed

Yudibel Ortiz, Staff Writer

With all the holiday joy going around campus, many  have forgotten about their final exams up until now, the last week beforehand. Everywhere students are pulling out textbooks, notes, reviews, study guides and the occasional coffee cups to help them stay alert. Some students, like junior Brian Pelo, even take energy shots to get through the day.

For every student exam week is different. Some students are very well prepared for their exams and are not worried about their grades. Others are freaking out and hovering over their teacher to see if they can get any type of extra credit. Senior Esmeralda Garcia is mainly focused on where she’s going to spend the holiday season, and finals are the least of her worries.

“I can’t wait to leave, I just want to get this last week over with,” said Garcia.

For seniors final exams are especially stressful, since for some it’s their last chance to pull their act together and bring up their grades. Others are not as worried about their grades but are still very stressed with trying to balance their social life, work life, and school life. Senior Diana Mancera, being a mother, is one of them.

“It’s really hard getting up early for school, then coming home and having to leave for work right after.” said Mancera. “I have a daughter to take care of, and even when I’m home I can’t attend to her as much as I would like because I have last minute studying to catch up on.”

Whether students like it or not, exams are coming, it’s up to them to either face them of fail them.