Student Spotlight: Briana Mazzocchi

Ana Lara-Cruz, Staff Writer

Santaluces is home to many bright and fantastic students, one of those students is Briana Mazzocchi. Mazzocchi is currently a senior and has attended Santaluces for all four years. Throughout those four years, Mazzocchi has been a member of National Honor Society, a member of the Tomahawk Theater Company, and has participated in the Early Childhood Academy, which will allow her to receive her teaching license when she graduates, all while remaining in the top 10% of her class.

“Doing all the activities I do and keeping up with school can become overwhelming,” said Mazzocchi.”But in the end its always rewarding.”

She loves to give back and offers advice to those who get just as overwhelmed as she has.

“Briana is such a fun and inspiring person to be around,” said senior Haley Mooney.”She motivates me to do better everyday”

Despite all this, Mazzocchi has had some challenges. Such as, some health concerns that started appearing around her junior year of high school. This has caused her to lose focus in her studies and has set her back from participating in athletic sports in and out of school. In the face of adversity, Mazzocchi has managed to pull through these issues and put as much effort into her studies and tries to keep up with curriculum as best as she can.

“Even with these obstacles I still continue to work hard,” said Mazzocchi.”I don’t want privileges or special treatment from anyone.”

Her ultimate goal is to one day get into University of Central Florida, but doesn’t have a clear idea of what she would like to major in. If University of Central Florida doesn’t work out, she plans to attend Florida Gulf Coast University.

Mazzocchi’s favorite sport and pass time would have to be football. Her favorite team in the NFL is the Miami Dolphins and she only keeps up with football within the NFL, college football doesn’t appeal to her very much. Also, Mazzocchi loves to watch some anime when she has nothing going on. Her all-time favorites would have to be Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Fairytail, Psycho-pass and Attack on Titan.

Overall, Mazzocchi hopes to finish off this year with positivity and be admitted into the school of her dreams.

“All I can hope is to finish off this year on a good note,” said Mazzocchi.”I want to be remembered and leave a mark here at Santaluces.”