Visual Arts Academy Art Show is a Hit


Grace Almanza, Staff Writer

Teachers, family members and fellow Santaluces students alike attended the 6th annual academy Art Show. Students’ creations plastered the walls, with elaborate displays set up including imaginative ideas such as light shows and surfboards.

The hallways never failed to be crowded. Students of all grades had their artwork displayed, including case displays of portfolios by seniors Deseree Jacques and Victoria Hanley.

“It was a wonderful experience for all who came,” said photography teacher Ms Ardner. “I was really proud of all my students, especially my AICE and AP students who have worked so hard all year.”

Pizza, drinks, and cinnamon waffles were also served during the show, along with activities such as a polaroid photo booth and henna tattoos. TV Production hosted short films made and directed by its members all night, with not an empty seat in the audience until the very end.

With this art show, Santaluces was able to display the vast amount of talent it has in its student body.