Warning: You Will Be Asked To Do Warrior One

Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

Ever had an interest in changing your eating habits and learning the ways of the Yogi? Here is your chance.

Mrs. Wertman, a junior english teacher, has created a club, with the interest from students in her class. The club is based around trying out vegetarian options, cooking seminars, community outreach, and discussions. This club is open to anyone.

Mrs. Wertman is a dedicated vegan and has been since she was 13. She is the only vegan in her family and she can easily provide advice and counseling to new practitioners of the craft.

Meetings will be held every other week starting Thursday, April 23rd, at 3pm in portable 5 so that it can generate buzz and more interest.

“You can change your body, enlighten your soul and give back to Mother Earth!”