Ghostwriter Appears at Santaluces


Ilisha Strassler

The Q&A will be on Monday, starting at 2:40

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

Writing is a difficult field to get into. Writing requires connections, the correct information and a lot of creativity. Google sometimes helps, but not everything is trustworthy on the Internet. To really understand how to become a writer, it’s best to talk to a professional writer.

This Monday, a former chief will be returning to Santaluces to shed some light on the private business of ghostwriting. A ghostwriter is someone who is hired to write without having their name published. Mrs. Finn’s Creative Writing Club will hold a Q&A session with the author so future writers can learn more. This writer focuses mostly on writing fiction.

Refreshments will be provided during the Q&A. Students need a ride home as soon as the Q&A is over at 3:30. For any questions about the event see Mrs. Finn in room 8166.