Beauty Tips for Graduation


Courtesy of MCT Campus

Graduation is a time to be celebrating over your accomplishments. Feel more confident by looking your absolute best.

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

With graduation not too far away, it’s essential to purchase the perfect shoes and have the perfect hairstyle if you want to have a good graduation day. Here are a few tips that’ll help you on graduation day.


No matter who you are, we all have a fear of tripping on stage. Although, this risk can easily be avoided. Purchasing the right pair of shoes can eliminate the risk of you going through some awful incident. For all the stiletto lovers out there, you’re going to have to put those aside for graduation day, because those are the most risky heels to possibly wear that day. The best heels to go with would be wedges, or at least something with a thick heel to prevent falling.


Even though it’ll be mostly covered by your cap, hair is something that’s highly stressed over among many students. For those who prefer a more sleek look and those who prefer tying their hair back, straightening your hair or styling it down may give the cap a better fit. For those who don’t want to apply heat to their hair, or people who want a more romantic look, loose waves or any type of twist or braid could be a great alternative.


Ladies and gentleman, this has to be one of the most important things to think about on graduation day (other than walking across the stage of course). Make-up for graduation should always be something that’s simple and cute for two reasons: all of the high definition pictures that are going to be taken, and there is a risk of getting make-up on your gown. Many people from teachers to parents are going to want to capture the moment, and you wouldn’t want to be very obviously caked with make-up in those pictures. Even worse, I don’t think anyone wants to coat their gown in beauty products. Taking the simple approach is definitely the best thing to do.