Get Ready for a Beach Cleanup, Chiefs!


Courtesy of MCT Campus

Cleaning up the environment is not only important, it gets you community service hours!

Nicole Kalpin, Staff Writer

Looking for community service hours? Love the sun and the sand? Look no further! Any student at Santaluces who is interested can sign up to help clean Phipps Ocean Park.

For four community service hours, 50 students will be helping to clean up the shoreline and protect the environment. In return: a free t-shirt! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

“[The cleanup] gives kids the chance to get out and hang out on the beach, which is neat,” said Mr. Carruthers,  who is in charge of the clean up. “It also gives them the chance to clean up the environment, the natural world around them.”

If you are interested in signing up, please see Mr. Carruthers in 8132.