The Neopolitans Rock the Year’s First Pep Rally

Angelina Garcia , Co-Editor

To raise spirit for the season’s first home football game, students from every grade gathered in the gym for the first pep rally of the school year, and it was packed full of performances.

The dance and cheerleading teams returned to show off their new routines, as well as another returning group that had more of a surprise appearance. Mr. Krupa, Mr. Ramos, and Coach T, “The Neopolitans,” sang the song “My Girl” to some of the new members of the staff team. Coach T ran in with a motorcycle helmet covering his face to make his identity a surprise to the crowd, as he now coaches at a different school. Students in the crowd held up their cell phones with their flashlights turned on, waving them back and forth which created an interesting light show.

“Fall Out Boy” also preformed, with Mr. Kalina dressed up as Patrick Stump from the band and lip-syncing the song “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.”

When the pep rally was coming to an end, Mr. Livingston held up the traditional pep rally stick, offering it to the loudest class in the crowds. For this pep really, the Seniors were the winners.