My Junior Year: Dealing With Domino’s and School


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

While most juniors worry about homework, taking SATs or taking AICE and honors classes, I do it all while working at Domino’s Pizza.

Right before school started my mom told me I needed to get a job, especially since I wanted to get a car. One day my mom came home and gave me an application. The next day, I turned it in, and three days later got a call from the owner telling me to come in. My boss gave me a short interview,a Domino’s shirt, a Domino’s hat, and the next day I started working.

I would wake up go to school, go to cheer practice, and then go to work. The first week was training and getting to know the basics. They showed me how to answer all the calls, take carry out orders and how to use the computer. I also had to memorize the computer setting so I can get a lot faster at taking orders. I learned how to fold all the boxes and started stacking all of them. After work I come home do my homework and go directly to sleep.

A typical day at work consists of me immediately stacking boxes up in the front just in case we get busy, and taking carryout orders, and very few calls. I work four to five hours a day and about 20-25 hours a week. Weekdays are always pretty slow, we may have a rush but its not difficult.

My boss is always patient with me and gives me guidance as I work. He is also nice enough to work around my schedule, he knows I’m a cheerleader so he puts me off on my game days and he knows that I’m a junior in high school so he doesn’t make me work too late.

My Co-workers are very friendly and they love joking around. Pranks are always being pulled from jumping out at each other to scare them to getting trapped in the bathroom to drawing funny pictures of each other.

While my job is really great, there is a downside. I stand the whole entire time and it gets really tiring but I can handle it. Another thing is that since I work on weekdays I’m usually the only person taking all the carry-out orders, answering all the calls, and putting the labels on the boxes. Sometimes we get really busy on weekdays and I get overwhelmed with all the work.

Another downside is that I’m always busy I never really have free time. I have to manage my time carefully so that I can get things done. Some nights I find myself staying up late finishing homework.

Still, as my first job I actually really like it. There’s never a dull moment with my co-workers and all the customers are really nice. The work I do is really easy and my boss is the best. I’ve been working at Domino’s Pizza for 3 months and I plan on working there until I graduate high school.