Keeping Up with your New Year’s Resolution

Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

During the holidays, five weeks of unhealthy habits may take place. Being relentless to the Thanksgiving turkeys and holiday hams, and all of the sugary snacks like cookies and eggnog, you’ve probably told yourself you would just get healthy during the new year. Now the time has come and you can’t seem to keep up, and were only 2 months in. With new years resolutions you have two options: you either give up, or you keep up.

If you are finding yourself leaning towards the first option, don’t give up yet. These tips may be just for you.

  1. Set realistic goals– You can tell yourself that you’re going to lose 50 pounds in one month. Setting farfetched goals are a bad thing because you feel the need to give up if you have not reached them. Set something realistic, something that you know you can achieve, that way you don’t give up from disappointment.
  2. Be patient– This one goes hand-in-hand with setting realistic goals. You’re not going to change your life over night so don’t expect to do so. Be patient and put forward the work for what ever you want to achieve, whether it’s better grades or clearer skin.
  3. Proper timing– Sometimes you can get overwhelmed trying to think to far ahead into the future. Stay within the times. Give yourself a smaller less overwhelming timeline. Try something for 90 days instead of 365.
  4. Set smaller goals– Setting smaller goals is very important. It’s like wanting to get somewhere. You don’t teleport from your classroom to the bathroom, there are steps that you have to take to get there. Just like what ever goals you want to achieve.
  5. Create habits– One of the hardest parts of New Years resolutions is the fact that you’re not used to it.Sometimes you don’t mean to but you forget to study longer (or what ever your goal is). Try to find a way to put it into your daily routine somehow, and make a habit out of it.
  6. Attitude– Of all things this may be the hardest and most important thing. Your attitude on what you’re doing is represented  in your results. Don’t give up and don’t have a sour attitude about it. You don’t want to miserable, especially if you plan on doing it for 365 days.

Hopefully you could keep up with your goals for this year. And if you do give up, remember that you are still great.