Chiefs Debrief From the SAT


Ilisha Strassler

Seniors watch movies in the PAC

Emily Saba, Staff Writer

Juniors took the SAT for free on Wednesday. Students were packed into the gym, media center, and portables. All gathered to take the test required for admission to colleges and universities.

This is the first year for the newly redesigned SAT, meaning that the content and scoring will be different. Luckily for students, College Board has teamed up with Khan Academy and now provides tutoring designed strictly for the SAT. If you plan to take the SAT on future dates, be sure to use the website to freshen up on your skills.

“I think I did great on the SAT,” said junior Sydney Briggs, who used Khan Academy to study math. “It was much easier than I thought it would be.”

The test took a total of four hours to complete. Meanwhile, the seniors were sent to the auditorium to watch childhood classics such as Monster’s Inc. and Pirates of the Caribbean. Seniors also had the opportunity to register for Palm Beach State College and complete their FAFSA- an application for student financial aid.

SAT Scores are projected to be available May 10th, according to College Board.