Get Your Parking Decals


Emily Saba, Editor

Unless you want to start walking to school everyday, it’s about time you pick up your decal.

In recent years, parking decals have been required in order to leave your car in student parking, though this rule was not thoroughly enforced. It’s only the second week of school and the Criminal Justice Academy is already cracking down on students who are driving to school without decals. Just today, a group of school police were searching the car lines into Student Parking, directing everyone without decals to park off of school campus.

Some students ended up parking at a friend’s house who lives close by, and many others took the liberty of parking across Chief’s Way at the Aquatic Complex. Regardless, the school is finally cracking down on this rule, and there were a lot less cars in student parking today.

If you want to park on campus, you need pick up your authentic decals from the school for $40. Criminal Justice is selling them in room 1-134. ¬†You will need a valid Florida driver’s license as well as a copy of your vehicle registration and insurance.

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