“Bright Lights” Homecoming Shines

Sorana Joseph, Staff Writer

The gymnasium is reduced to hushed whispers as the homecoming king and queen, Vedline Delice and Samuel Pierre, walk out for their dance. They gaze into each other’s eyes, make one last trip, turn, bow, then depart. The lively music picks back up and as though released from a spell. The crowd starts shouting, laughing, and dancing again.

“Bright Lights”, this year’s Vegas themed homecoming, may have proved to be a night to remember. As the attendants arrived, they were met by a blast of fist-pumping beats; yes, the latest hits of 2016 with a DJ’s twist. SGA has come through and through, each time topping their previous efforts.

“We did have some problems”, Mr Dickerson, the SGA advisor, admits, “the biggest one was blowing a fuse on the sound system.” Despite the winding paths they may have found themselves crossing, they still reached their goal.

Their efforts were not in vain, but instead met with the full enthusiasm of those in attendance. From the delicious food to the bright decorations, this year’s “Bright Lights” homecoming “shined” upon the rest.