Be The Change Club Advocates For A Clean, Green School


Zion Frost, Staff Writer

At the latest “Be The Change” club meeting, students discuss the multiple ways they can keep the school green. This includes, recycling, conserving on paper, cleaning up around the campus, and formulating sign ideas to spread the word. Some suggestions were getting some students to carry around the share barrels located in the lunchroom and setting up a new bathroom monitor to keep track of the progress of the use of toilet paper. Milkweed seeds are tall plants that attract monarch butterflies, that of which are an endangered population. The Milkweed seeds have been planted and under monitored care for about two weeks and are located in Ms. Case-Sweeney’s biology class. “If you have a teacher that’s doing something like conservation, recycling or any green school activity we need documentation.” Ms. Case-Sweeney suggests.

Have you ever thrown away parts of your lunch you didn’t finish and felt guilty for wasting it? Why not give it to someone else? If you look around the lunchroom, it’s not difficult to spot the share barrels. The “Be The Change” club created these to encourage students to not waste their food. Besides, if you’ve ever wanted something else with your lunch, someone else has probably already provided it. This is the beauty of the system. “The purpose of the share barrels are to reduce waste and keep kids from wasting their food.” explains Ms. Case-Sweeney.

The “Be The Change” club is eager to be involved with the “Green Schools Recognition Program”. There is a rubric detailing the goals of the program above. The “Be The Change” club hopes to inspire students to be aware of their actions before doing something that could be harmful to the environment and to converse on campus. The next time you’re  considering throwing away those apples, think about the use it could’ve been put to. With the “Be The Change” club, there is hope and potential for a clean and green campus. The club meets every Thursday in room 8153. Everyone is welcome to join the cause if they’re willing to help contribute to a environment and get community service hours in doing so. We hope to see you there!