Snowball Dance

SGA hosted the annual Snowball dance for students with special needs. Around 200 children with disabilities from schools all around the county got together in the gymnasium to dance, eat pizza, and meet Santa.

The SGA committee is in charge of organizing this more than two-decade long tradition. This year was Mr. Dickerson’s second year organizing this event. He sends out the invitations to various schools including Seminole Ridge, Wellington, Palm Beach Central, and Atlantic.

SGA is in charge of organizing fundraisers in order to come up with the money to fund the dance. A part of the money raised from Homecoming is already used towards this dance. The gymnasium was decorated with paper snowflakes, and various Christmas inflatables. Even Santa Claus and his helper made an appearance.

“It’s easy working with the kids,” said Santa, Mr. Caruthers.

Aside from coordinating the event, the SGA committee members helped during the dance, along with other student volunteers.

Former students Thomas and Juan Gomez, along with Jesus Dominguez provided the music.

“It’s a nice way to give back,” says Juan Gomez.

Quotes from the dance. What’s the best part about working in the program?

“It’s just love, a blessing. It’s fun to work with these guys.” -Mr. Rich, Teacher, Seminole Ridge

“It’s very fulfilling to see them happy.” -Ms. Sammi Doran, Paraprofessional, Seminole Ridge

“Making an impact on their lives.” -Mr. Tanner, BIA, Wellington

“It’s so fun. It keeps me humble, and it definitely opens your eyes and gives you a new perspective.” -Ms. Natalia Shelton, Speech/Language Therapist, Atlantic

“Social growth. We really like focus on that: making friends and getting know people.” Ms. Natalie Maloney, Head of Department, Atlantic

“I enjoy every minute of it. They’re unique ,funny, awesome, and so happy.” -Ms. Rosato, Paraprofessional, Palm Beach Central

“It’s about how much fun we have everyday. We are always going on fun field trips and having dance parties. They’re really a great group of kids.” -Mr. Mydlarz, Speech Therapist, Santaluces