On Campus Poetry Slam Performance


Duane Wicker and Staff Writer

Elizabeth Acevedo and George Masao Yamazawa Jr, two National Slam Poetry Champions willl be preforming in the PAC on January 18th from 10 – 11am , for 11th and 12th grade students. 9th & 10th graders are going to be busy testing on the 18th so the poetry performance will give the upperclassmen something very entertaining to do.

Elizabeth Acevedo has been performing for over 12 years, she’s been featured on BET and has delivered many TED talks. Many of her poetry videos have gone viral and she’s been recognized by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Latina Magazine, Huffington Post and many other magzines and networks. In most of her poetry she often speaks about her accepting and embracing her Afro-latina culture.

Yamazawa is widely considered one of the top spoken word artists in the country. He’s an Individual World Poetry Slam finalist, Southern Fried Champion Poetry FestivalĀ and has toured more than 50 American cities and 5 European countries.

The performance will undoubtedly be a real treat for the juniors and seniors.