JROTC Drill Competition at Jupiter


Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

Our Santaluces JROTC Drill Team and Color Guard took on their second competition at Jupiter on Saturday.

This competition was one of the more important ones, since in March we’re going to take on regionals at Jupiter.

We competed in every area we could besides exhibition. We had a male armed, male unarmed, male color guard, female armed, female unarmed, and female color guard.

Male unarmed is a series of commands of marching skills. Male armed is the same thing except they have commands for the rifles as well. The same goes with the female armed and unarmed teams but with a whole female team. To have these squads you have to have at least 7 cadets, this includes the one that commands the squad.

Female and male color guard include 2 rifles, a state flag, and an American flag. The person holding the American flag is the person that calls the commands. The cadets with rifles are on both ends, they both have to preform the commands given at the exact time.

Color guard is probably one of the hardest area to compete in. You have a grader looking at your every move making sure all 4 of your members are all on step and make sure the 2 rifles are executing the commands together.

This competition was one of the worst ones we had. Our male color guard was the only team that placed. Most of our mistakes this competition were cadets not being on step, or commands being forgotten. With a little more practice our drill team should be placing in more areas.