JROTC JPA Pre-inspection

Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

The JROTC academy is going on their 5th year of being here at Santaluces. This means that the academy has to sit through the most important day for the academy, Inspection Day. This inspection could possibly make or break our JROTC academy.

If we don’t score a good grade on this test then we could lose the academy. We get tested on marching, skills we should know (stationary drill), and information we should know from our previous years in JROTC.

This day is so important that we held a pre-inspection 2 weeks before our actual inspection. Our pre-inspection was January 31st, everyone in the JROTC academy was put on LEEs to miss their 5th hour class.

Everyone in the JROTC academy brought their shirts so they could get checked. Making sure all of the awards are in the proper place and everything is where it needs to be.

This is the first time our academy has been together as a whole battalion (all of the JROTC classes together).

All of the students that participated in the pre-inspection, marched with their company. We have 3 companies: Alpha company run by SGM Barlow, Bravo company run by 1st Sergeant Lemely, and Carlie company run by LTC Stone.

We practiced marching and went through formation several times asking the questions the evaluators are bound to ask. Since we were doing this during 5th hour JROTC, who usually goes to 2nd lunch, went to the 3rd lunch instead. Doing this made sure that we got the full use of our time and didn’t have to worry about reassembling.

This is the only day we’re going to get to practice as a battalion before our actual inspection on February 15th.