The Benefits Of Taking A Language Course


French 1

Zion Frost, Staff Writer

With Course Selection approaching, many students are contemplating which classes to take next year. Fortunately, Santaluces offers both French and Spanish courses for students hoping to learn a new language. According to guidance counselor, Ms. Robinson, for students striving to enter a 4 year university after high school, at least two years of language credits are required. Currently, the school offers a French 1, French 2 and AICE French class as well as five levels of Spanish classes with level 3 being an honors class.

Madame Toste, French teacher, talks about how rewarding taking a language course can be. “Joining a language class will broaden your horizons,” said Toste, “It will help you become a global citizen and help you interact with people and things.” Ms. Ross who teaches Spanish 1 shares similar viewpoints. “It requires a higher level of thinking. You need to analyze grammar and word structure. It also allows more understanding of the culture from Spanish speaking countries.”

Being bilingual is a useful skill to add on a resume.”Some jobs do require or request that applicants are bilingual and they list that on their job description,” said Ms. Robinson

“I’m not fluent” says Allison Cardenas, a freshmen taking French, “but I understand most of what I’m reading and saying at the level I’m at.”


Madame Toste teaching French 1