Green Team: Making a Difference


Eric Hernandez

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

The Santaluces Criminal Justice Academy in collaboration with the Be the Change Club have formed the SHS Green Team that has been striving to make positive differences in the school’s ecosystem since the Fall.

“Our Green Team is a student-led partnership between our Criminal Justice Academy, Be the Change Club, Administration, and the Cafeteria,” said Green Team organizer Ms. Case-Sweeney. “Along the way, we have learned just how involved our school organizations, classrooms, and community are on a regular basis with the environment, sustainability, education, and community.”

The team has strong roots in the core values of recycling and school sustainability. Every Monday after school, the staff is asked to put out all their recycling bins. The school’s plastic and paper recycling is taken care of properly by Criminal Justice Academy members. Green Team has also initiated a butterfly garden in the school courtyard. The club planted milkweed to attract more butterflies and raised money to buy the milkweeds through the sale of butterfly telegrams on Valentine’s Day.

“Our community involvement has grown since we started,” said club organizer Officer White. “We have Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office helping us in creating fundraisers and activities for the community.”

The cafeteria employees have also helped the team with food donations, which has expanded the Green Team’s partnership with Feeding South Florida, a food bank that will be participating in their efforts the grow and feed the community. The team has also made efforts in raising the consciousness of students and staff. For example, every day, the unwanted breakfast foods are distributed to other students in need.

And according to the team, Whole Foods has also just given the Green Team a grant of $2,000 that will be put towards the development of courtyard gardens and overall growth.


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