Shout The Mod Musical


Shaina Francis

Students performing in the musical “Shout!”

Christopher Vargas and Bianney Perales

The Musical Theatre Chiefs have been working hard since December to put this year’s musical on stage. The all-girl musical Shout! The Mod Musical chosen takes place in London during the ’60s and follows them to the ’70s. The musical surrounds the lives of five women as they sing their way through heartbreak and triumph. As opening night approaches the cast can be found at the PAC rehearsing until 6 pm afterschool dancing, singing, and reciting lines. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm from the cast can be felt from a mile away.

Actors rehearsing for the musical say:

“Since it’s based on 60’s music, it has an upbeat, fun vibe that you can’t help but sing along to [the songs].” said the Stage Manager Kelsie Trejo

“The beginning of this musical was difficult for me considering that it was my first. There were a lot of struggles, however, we managed to progress,” said Daniela Martinez, the Musical’s Blue girl.  “I enjoyed seeing the cast and I improve in the last couple of weeks. Growth occurred within us as performers and as friends. They made every rehearsal memorable and this journey definitely unforgettable.“

“The musical is really fun and upbeat,” said the Musical’s Orange Girl Chloe Dower. “If you are into 60’s music or any of the classics you are sure to love it.”

“I feel really positive towards the musical after all the work that was put into it and all the time that’s gone into it,” said Summer Wadleigh, the Musical’s Red Girl. “I’m so lucky to work with a super dedicated cast and doing the show was lots of fun.”

“I think the audience would love shout since it’s very interactive,” said Naisha St.Pierre the Musical’s Green Girl. “Shout the mod musical has gotten me out of my comfort zone and love the stage so much more.”

“This year is my last at Santaluces and this show has brought me nothing but joy.” said the Musical’s Yellow Girl, Bianney. “It everything from sass to sweetness. I hope the audience enjoys it.”

This show isn’t any regular show, Santaluces this time around is being nominated for the Dream awards with this musical. And with this nomination, there will be two representatives from the Kravis Center present during two of the three shows to critique the performances.

The Dream Awards is a program focusing primarily on the outstanding performances in the local high-school theater level. After the performance, if the show meets their expectations, the cast of Shout! The Mod Musical will be able to perform in the Kravis Center Dream Awards at Dreyfoos Hall, Sunday, May 12th 2019. There, select students will be able to qualify for participation in the Jimmy Awards in New York City.

 Here’s to the Santaluces Theatre department, go break a leg!

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