A Score for Education


Fernanda De Leon

The winning team after receiving their medals

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

Education Rocks has hosted their second 5v5 soccer tournament. The event took place Friday, February 22. There were 9 teams, mostly were made up of boys; however, there was one team consisting entirely of girls. Even math teacher, Mr. Chung decided to form his own team and compete in the tournament.

This event is used as a fundraiser for Education Rock’s purpose, which is raising money to pay the education of children in developing countries. “It was a really successful event,” said club sponsor, Mrs. White. “We made $450 in profit.” 100% of the earnings will go towards their education. These children must pay $365 per year, in order to attend school. If there is left over money, it will go towards buying them a mattress to sleep on, seeing as most of them sleep on the floor.

In order to raise money, each team had to pay $30. It was recommended to form a team of six, that way, each player only had to pay five dollars. Although the admission was free, a concession stand was set up, in order to raise even more funds.

The tournament started right after school and did not end until 8 pm. After five hours, there was finally a winning team. The winning team consisted of Dario Gomez, Anthony Gomez, Allan Rivera, David Perez, Bernabe Garcia , and Ethan Sisley. “It was a lot of fun,” said senior and captain of the wining team, Bernabe Garcia. “I’m very proud of my team and the great soccer players that they are. There’s no one else I would have rather played the tournament with.”

Club President, Micaela Costales, has been organizing this event, alongside with Delcy Cazares, since winter break. Frenchie and his assistant, Ariel, were asked to be the referees for the game. They were also the referees for last year’s Education Rock’s first ever soccer tournament.

After the tournament, the teams were asking when the next game would take place. Thanks to Coach Cohen, Education Rocks will be able to have a third soccer tournament on April 12th. “I didn’t participate in the previous tournament, but I really want to form a team for the upcoming one,” said senior, Tony Sheerer.

If anybody is interested, they must see Mrs. White in room 1143.