Coach of the Year: Coach Dixon


Coach Dixon in his classroom.

Aliya Linan, Staff Writer

Boys basketball coach, coach Dixon, was awarded the Conference Coach of the Year for the second time. Dixon was also awarded this title back in 2016 when he lead his team to winning districts and finished the season with a record of 20-6.

Coach Dixon has been coaching the basketball team since he came to Santaluces 21 years ago. He started out as the junior varsity coach and in 2010 he took over as the varsity coach. He has been passionate about leading his team ever since the start of his coaching career. His ultimate goal is to improves team’s teamwork and basketball skills, in hopes of leading them to winning districts.

This season their record was 19-8 which brought the team to the semi-finals for the district game. It was a close game and although they lost, they were thankful to make it that far, especially because they started off the season rough.

The boys on the basketball team were proud of their coach for being awarded this award. They believed the award was well deserved.

Sophomore varsity basketball player, Justin Roseme, said, “The season went okay. My teammates and I did really good this year. We fell short but I feel like next season we will be better. I’m proud of Coach Dixon for getting this award because he really deserves it. He’s a good coach, he’s a good leader, he knows when to take role and he has been guiding us through lots of things, not only in basketball but outside of school. He’s just a good person overall.”

Although he feels good about being awarded Dixon said, “It wasn’t just me. It was the whole team plus my coaches. I don’t take all the credit. It’s just my name in the papers, but it took the whole team to do this.”