The Love For Earth

I look around at this beautiful scene

To the crystal blue water to the trees evergreen

From the air that we breathe, to the birds when they sing

Oh the happiness, the happiness Mother Earth brings to me


Every glimpse of the Earth always makes me smile

From the polar bears in Alaska, to the crocks in the Nile

To the tamed beasts in captivity, to the beasts in the wild

As heaven is our altar, the Earth is gods’ isle


Through the day, through the night, it’s there to give life

Still giving us shelter, even if we don’t treat it right

It doesn’t see stereotypes, black, yellow, brown nor white

And it never gives up; the core is made of billons of years of fight


So let’s make a change for us to maintain

This planet, before we all are ashamed

The Earth makes life and life is not a game

So let’s stop playing with fire, before we meet the flame