Chiefs of Santaluces: Alexis Ostolski

Gillian Corallo, Staff Writer

“Over the break I went to Orlando multiple times. The first time, I went for this convention and I was in multiple panels and two different shows. After Christmas, I went to Orlando again with my family. We went to Universal for a day and we got Harry Potter robes and we went to City Walk. We also ate at a place called Cow Fish, which was like hamburgers and sushi and that was super cool. In the shows, I was with a dance troop kind of thing and we had to recreate a song from a show and we choreographed it ourselves and we won second place. Every convention has a costume contest. I usually don’t enter them but this time I was with a whole group of people and they were like ‘Come on! Join this with us!’ and I’m in musical theater anyway so I was like ‘okay, I’ll join,’ and we ended up winning second place.”