What’s the Powerball all about?

Emily Saba

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** Story update: Three tickets across the country won the $1.5 BILLION Powerball. Winning tickets were sold near Los Angeles, California, in Tennessee, and here in Florida. The winning ticket in Florida was sold at a Publix in Melbourne Beach (between Vero Beach and Cape Canaveral).

On Monday night I walked into a Publix and saw more than 20 people waiting in line to purchase Poweball tickets. Being under 18, I didn’t have interest interest in the lottery- until I heard the drawing is up to $1.5 Billion.

As more and more people buy tickets, more money is being put into the lottery. There hasn’t been a winner since November, 19 drawings ago, which is why the jackpot is so high. The odds of winning are so bad because you have to pick any 5 numbers out of 69, and then a special Powerball number out of 26. On top of that, there will most likely be more than one winning ticket, and the winners will split the money equally. Still- even a fraction of $1.5 billion is a fortune.

The drawing will be held Wednesday at 10:59 Eastern Time and tickets cost $2 or $3. Any Senior Chiefs at least 18 years old can participate. If you’re interested, make sure you don’t wait until last minute; lines can get up to hours long to purchase a chance at billions.