Old School Fashion Making a Comeback

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Grunge: the style of clothing that took the fashion world by storm around the mid 90s. Lip and nose piercings, dark lipstick, and dark hair were the main ingredients to a grunge look. At first, this look was not liked by many, especially those who were used to the bright colors of the 80s.

In the 90s, the grunge look was the style that many teens began to represent, and was also a visual look of how teens were portrayed: dark and sad. After some time, this style began to dim down, but recently the grunge look is slowly making a rise again. From fashion shows to street style, it is clear that sporting a dark lip with other dark features including hair and clothing is the new trend.

To see this iconic style come back and be better than ever is absolutely amazing. This time around, many of the people who have taken on this grunge look have switched it up a bit. The grunge style isn’t viewed as completely dark anymore. Now, when this look is being done, you may see the person mix things up with light hair or even a lighter shade of lipstick.

Recently while venturing through the hallways, I found myself constantly surrounded by this look. The dark lips, plaid apparel, and definitely the piercings. This isn’t the only fashion trend that has made a comeback through teenagers. The 90s hip hop look which included Nike Air Force Ones and windbreakers is certainly back in style. The flare jeans that were produced in the 70s era are also back, but this time around instead of jeans, the pants are now of a cotton material. The ultimate craze among a majority of girls at the moment, crop tops and high waist pants, were popular in multiple eras.

Crop tops and high waist shorts were a major fashion trend that started in the 1950s, but died down once the 60s and 70s looks were popularized. Now, crop tops and high waist shorts are again one of the biggest clothing trends. With all the old fashion trends that took over the current fashion world, it makes me wonder quite often how fashion be like in another 20 years.

As many say, “fashion repeats itself,” and in this case, that statement is unquestionably true.