Review: Quantico

From ABC Quantico Instagrams

From ABC Quantico Instagram’s

Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

I don’t typically binge watch television shows, but Quantico is the exception. Season two of this hit series started airing again on ABC, which shows on Sundays at 10:oo pm. If you think you can’t watch the show because it’s going into it’s second season don’t worry; season one is available on Netflix as well as the ABC network online site.

Season one revolves around the main character, Alex Parrish, being framed for a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station and trying to find the culprit that framed her. Parrish has to rebuild connections that she made with her classmates at Quantico, the FBI academy. She has to be careful who she can trust though, because the person that framed her for the terrorist attack started plotting against her the moment she stepped into the academy.

Each episode will leave you on the edge of you set wanting to know what happens next, as well as make you second guess every character that is introduced in the show. There’s twist and turns in each episode, mixed in with major plot twists. During one episode, my emotions can range from laughing like a hyena, to crying like a baby, to shouting at my television like I’m watching a wrestling match.