A week in Review: December 12th-16th


Courtsey of whitehouse.gov


Here is an overview of political and social happenings you should know about this week:

  • President Barack Obama vows to take action against Russia due to Election Hacks. President Obama told NPR in an interview that “I think that there’s no doubt that when any foreign government impacts the integrity of our election.. We need to take action… And we will,.” to which a spokesmen of Vladimir Putin responded with “They need to either stop talking about this or finally present some sort of proof.”  President Obama has until January 20th to do something, as Donald Trump has plainly said that the claims are “Ridiculous.”
  • Early in the week a ceasefire was reached in Aleppo where rebels and their families can be taken to other rebel occupied locations, and those who were injured can be taken to the hospital. However, the Russian forces suspended the cease fire and the evacuations of civilians  with no reason given. Meanwhile, Syrian media states that the ceasefire was stopped due to rebels smuggling weapons and captives.
  • Flashback to 2015 when terrorist Dylan Roof was convicted of killing 9 people in the Charleston church. This week, he was found guilty of all 33 counts he faced. He admitted to the crimes and told investigators that he wanted the world to know he hated black people.
  • Star Wars Rouge One hit theaters after snippets and teaser that have indulged fans for a year now.
  • After having suicidal thoughts early in the fall and going to rehab because of it, Kid Cudi returns with his new album “Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin,” and receives great reception from his fans.
  • Golden Globe nominees were revealed, and this year an eclectic group of thespians and films were nominated.