Parking Lot Changes Annoy Drivers

Administrators cite safety for the changes.

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

When students came back from Spring Break, and turned into the student parking lot, they had quite a surprise. Instead of parking close to the school, they were directed to the spaces toward the PAC. Another change was that the faculty parking lot will now be closed off for entry after 7:30.  Teachers can still park in the first parking lot, but they can also choose to park in the back student parking lot. Guests are now required to use this back lot so that there is only one point of entry in the school.

Although administration announced the changes to teachers before the break, students didn’t know.

“The walk from the back of the parking lot is really an inconvenience, especially if your class is in the back of the 8000 building,” said senior Megan DeSouza.

Many drivers agree with DeSouza and complain that too many spaces are being saved for teachers and visitors while students are corralled toward the football field.

“I have to park so much further from the school, I usually have to run to class to make it,” said junior Patrik Sadej. “Plus the students are packed in so close that it’s only a matter of time before someone plays bumper cars with my car.”

While the faculty parking lot is unlocked at 2:30 for student walkers, students who have senior privilege or who walk home are now required to be picked up or walk through the student parking lot. However, there will still be an administrator watching the parking lot and making sure people who enter the lot are people who won’t put students and teachers in dangerous situations.

“Having the two points of entry was a safety issue,” said the principal Mrs. Robinson. “We don’t have enough man power to ensure safety of staff and students.”

But students are still stinging from the change.

“Security is important,” said junior Alana Thomas. “But it disrupts the flow of student life and they didn’t even ask.”