Returning to School


Chwoeger Charleston

While on campus, students are expected to practice social distancing protocols at all times.

Trinity Macaluso, Club Member

During this time, the importance of maintaining healthy safety procedures cannot be overstated. Therefore, deciding what learning options are the best fit for you can be difficult and complex. For me, in-person learning has worked well. I’m lucky in that no member of my family is considered “high-risk”, and both of my parents currently work in-person. 

During the time where all students were learning from home, I struggled a lot with maintaining structure in my day and with my schoolwork. This resulted in me getting behind in many of my classes and feeling overwhelmed by the combination of my assignments and the many things I was doing in preparation for college, such as completing applications, financial aid, and testing. Much of my experience is shared by high-schoolers all over the country, to varying degrees. Nationwide, grades are falling and students are struggling, especially those in upper grades.

The benefits of going to school in person are numerous. To begin, there are fewer distractions for brick and mortar students, and it’s easier to focus on lessons and assignments in a classroom setting. Furthermore, going to school allows for a more structured day, and makes it easier to set times for completing homework and other activities. Moreover, in-person classes can have positive effects on student’s struggling with isolation, and who find themselves potentially at risk of worsening mental health that may be a result of spending copious blocks of time sitting in front of a screen. 

Truly, the issue between the merit of brick and mortar versus online education is a difficult, and multi-faceted one. There is no set answer for everyone– it all depends on your situation and what is safest and healthiest for you and your family, but it’s important to maintain a strong understanding of both arguments, considering all aspects with due consideration.