Ask Mica: How to Combat Senioritis


Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

It’s now that time of the year again, where seniors begin to count down the months until graduation day. As their anticipation comes along, their motivation to continue working hard tends to leave. This desire to graduate usually leads to falling behind in school work and attendance. This phenomenon is defined as Senioritis. And unfortunately I have become a victim to it myself…

This story itself has taken me twice as long to even build up the desire to write it. I have seen myself beginning to fall behind in my classwork and one of the only things which can continuously be heard coming out of my mouth is, “I want to graduate already.” Even now, I do not know how to continue this. Ironic.

I have found ways to fight this though, to combat the apathy overcoming me.

  1. ┬áRemember grades still matter. Even though you are almost done with high school, you aren’t yet. The work you do in class still reflects your high school career in an entirety. So don’t let your newly found laziness affect all the work you have worked hard for.
  2. Keep yourself challenged. During this time is your opportunity to continue learning and expressing yourself through your school work while keeping up with the level of work you have been doing for the past four years. Continue focusing and learning new lessons to keep yourself stimulated.
  3. Take it one day at a time. Graduation is not for several more months, as of now you’re still in school. Try to not focus so much in the future because once it’s gone and you’re walking across the stage you’ll miss it. Before you know it you won’t see the same friends you have had around since middle school and teachers anymore.

Most importantly, become more involved in your school and make amazing memories, that you will look back on once you have moved on into the next chapter of your life.

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