Things I Wish I Knew Before High School


Alayna Reddick

A mass of the class of 2023 Freshmen situated in Santaluces’ Gymnasium.

In August of 2016, I was starting my very first year of high school. Now, it’s 2019 and I realized that my high school days are almost over. 

A few days ago, I got a notification from Snapchat about pictures and videos I took the very first week of high school. I was reminiscing these memories for some time and got a little emotional. All those days where I chose fun over school, procrastinated until the end of time, pulled several all-nighters, or cried about AP/AICE exams were unforgettable. 

I don’t regret or change my high school experience. However, I do wish I knew a few things before I was a freshman. Advice that would have spared me the drama, the tears, and the failures.

Focus on school. It’s self-explanatory that school should be the first thing you should prioritize. However, some people don’t realize this and this included me. A student, Lauren Klemowich says, “Having good grades freshman year is important because it will follow you throughout the rest of your high school career.” Choosing leisure and fun over school gave me consequences I have to pay back and it wasn’t easy. Remember, school IS cool. 

Be involved. It may seem ‘lame’ for someone to be entering high school and thinking to get involved in the school. However, this is 100 percent not true. It’s the best thing you could do! Join clubs you’re interested in. If you’re passionate about a sport, join a sports team. Participate in school-wide events such as pep rallies, spirit week, and more. Go to homecoming! These things are what makes high school, high school. You wouldn’t want to miss it. 

Change is okay. Once you’ve entered high school, change is bound to happen. You won’t stay the same. Friendships will come and go and that’s okay. How you think or see the world will change too. Everything changes. It’s part of growth and you should embrace it. Don’t focus too much on keeping the same friend group you had at first because it doesn’t matter.

Stay true to yourself. Don’t waste your time trying to fit in or trying to be someone you’re not. Be true to yourself. Focus on your successes and learn from your mistakes. Use your time wisely and focus on acing that class. Stay on your grind! High school is only four years of your life and you don’t have to do everything in such a short period of time. You have your whole life ahead of you and this is just the beginning. Enjoy it while it lasts.