Why Gender Reveals Are Problematic

Myesha Rahman, Staff Writer

 Gender reveal parties have garnered a lot of popularity since 2010. What started off as cutting into a sheet cake layered with pink or blue frosting has transformed into an entire industry that continues to grow in theatrics. This seemingly wholesome event actually does more harm than good.

 In light of the recent California wildfires, a gender reveal party using an explosive pyrotechnic device was exposed as the culprit. Burning through more than 7,000 acres of forest, this supposedly joyful moment has wreaked havoc on the lives of hundreds of people. Astonishingly, red skies, and poor air quality from a dramatic gender reveal isn’t a novel case. In 2017, a gender reveal in Arizona caused a wildfire to scorch 47,000 acres of land after a target with the words “boy or girl” was shot at. 

 Intense wildfires in general are a major concern. AICE Environmental teacher Mrs.Renzette says, “Data suggests that as our climate continues to change, there will be an increase in the numbers of wildfires and where they are occurring and how often they are occurring.” 

This means in union to the probable increase of natural wildfires, careless human activities will be compounded on top of that. 

 Also, gender itself is far beyond what is depicted in gender reveal parties. Sociology professor Dr.Daniel Carlson says, “Gender is the social, behavioral, and psychological characteristics that we use to distinguish the sexes.”

 Sex is defined as the biological aspects of people that distinguish us. What is known about the baby at the point of the “reveal” has little to do with its gender and more about its sex. 

 In a world as progressive as ever, society has to stop imposing gender on a child with no concept of themselves. Gender is fluid and is subject to evolve as a child grows and has a better understanding of their identity. Attributing the colors pink or blue to a baby is constricting and perpetuates outdated gender stereotypes. 

Frivolous parties are not worth the damaging effects.


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