Why Strawberries are Overrated


by Manchester-Monkey

“Strawberry” by Manchester-Monkey

Sabrina McCranels, Staff Writer

The University of Illinois has a fact page stating “Over 53 percent of seven to nine-year-olds picked strawberries as their favorite fruit.”. Understandably the vibrant red color is very pretty and eye-appealing but so is almost any other fruit. Take dragon fruit, for example, it has an amazing name, the outside is bright pink and green and the meat of the fruit is a bright white with black seeds. The point is, there’s a lot of people who will back strawberries as an amazing fruit. 

 Honestly, I don’t see what’s the big deal is. It’s a food that has a decent taste that develops for only about three months of the year during its growing season, but even then the flavor isn’t that amazing.

“Unless they’re covered in chocolate (I’ll eat them) but at that point, I’m only eating them for the chocolate,” senior Kylee Johnson explains.

 Freshman Brynne Alcorta agrees. “They’re only good on occasion” Alcorta adds. So for someone to enjoy the fruit you’d have to add something with it to enhance the experience. 

Maybe there is a sense of nostalgia to them since many who consume strawberries have had the fruit cut up for them when they were little. Strawberries could also remind the consumer of summertime. However what happens when you let go of the nostalgia? What’s left that makes strawberries good by themselves?

Honestly let’s speak to the person that looked at a strawberry and said, “Let’s name this one… “strawberry”. Strawberries are not even berries so why put ‘berry’ in the name. Also, who decided that strawberries and bananas are the fruit that receives the headlines. 

Every little bite of a strawberry feels like I’m eating sand.  No matter how you adapt a fresh strawberry into a dish you can’t avoid the gritted little tiny seeds. You can try making something out of artificial flavoring to get the flavor but it’s just not the same.

Also, if you cut strawberries up the red juice gets everywhere, and if you’re not careful it’ll stain.

Overall I don’t see why there is such a hype for strawberries when all it has going for it that it can be visually appealing and some people like the flavor. With so many amazing fruits out there, strawberries are simply overrated.